Due to the difficulties in maintaining an efficient schedule for our busy clinic, we are not able to offer bookings for consultation and surgery on the same day. We have developed some options to help make referral more accessible and hopefully more convenient for clients from outside the region.

  1. Remote consultation service – This new service is accessed here. We ask that the referring veterinarian perform an ophthalmic examination as detailed in the submission form. Once we have this information along with quality photos and clinical notes, we can determine what surgery needs doing, if any, and provide cost estimates and information on potential risks and prognosis. This means the client can make an informed decision on surgery prior to travelling, and we can schedule our time more accurately.
  2. In-person consultation with a surgery booking the following day – We are able to book for a consultation assessment on a Monday, and put aside some time for surgery on the Tuesday. As these spaces will be limited, there will likely be a longer wait period compared to option 1.
  3. In-person consultation and surgery as separate bookings – This is our preferred option for our local clients, and is also suitable for those who need to travel if they are willing to make a couple of trips.

Please get in touch if there are any questions.

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