For the majority of our patients, ongoing medications can be provided by their regular veterinarian either directly or via a prescription to their local pharmacy. Unless we’ve instructed you otherwise, please talk to your regular veterinarian first. Then if there’s any questions please get in touch via email or phone.

We can provide Tacrolimus repeats to our dry eye patients if their referring clinic would prefer for us to prescribe this medication.

To continue providing this medication we need to perform 6-monthly reassessments. This can be done in-person, or via remote consultation with your regular veterinarian. If you are having reassessments done remotely you will need to book an appointment with your usual veterinarian. They will examine your pet and submit their examination findings on the form below. We will then evaluate the findings and advise on whether any chances are needed to the medication plan. We can then continue to courier medications to you until your next reassessment is due.

Tacrolimus Repeats

Referring veterinarian to complete

What medications is the pet currently on?

Menace response

Pupiliary light reflexes

Dazzle reflex

Schirmer Tear Test

For Pet Eye Care to prescribe medications to remote clients, they must have local emergency care available if an issue arises with the prescribed medication (as per the ACVM act 1997)
For invoicing purposes

If anything changes with this patient's condition in the next 6 months which may impact the treatment of the patient's eye condition please ensure the client is fully informed and Pet Eye Care is kept updated